Publishing and Copyright Issues

Brock, Jack

If you are a publisher of a magazine or a book that includes multiple authors, you could run into some interesting copyright issues.

First, if you would like to copyright your work, it is important that the publisher has entered into a contract with the author of the articles. This contract should, at the very least, grant the publisher the right to copyright article within the larger work.

Second, if a publisher is receiving articles from multiple authors, there is always the possibility that an author submitted an article that violates the copyright of another. It is extremely important that the publisher enters into a contract with the authors that have submitted articles to be published with states 1) that the article is the author’s independent work; and 2) that if the work violates the copyright of another, the author will indemnify the publisher.

In conclusion, for a publisher it is very important to enter into a contract with the authors that submit articles to be published in order to 1) delineate the parties’ respective intellectual property rights; and 2) for protection against authors which plagiarized another author’s work.

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